Social Media Marketing Training

In addition to social media marketing management services, we offer social media training for those businesses that prefer their in-house teams to run their social media.
Our training sessions involve a mix of teaching, exercises and Q&A, including advanced tips and tricks, delivering knowledge that can be put to immediate use by you.
You'll learn how to use social media in the right way to support your business objectives while getting social media results, and be able to create, analyse and develop your own social media strategy.  
Social Media Training Services
Our training session includes any of the following areas required by you:
Blue Tick Bespoke
The conversations we have with you about what you want to learn, together with the research we conduct on your company, audience and current social media platforms, allow us to tailor the content of the training to your business needs.
You also choose the start and end times, dates, venues, and the number of staff attending the training. 
Blue Tick Platforms
We'll help you to identify the platforms that work best for your company's objectives, and show you how to create professional high quality profiles for maximum impact.  You'll learn how to use the different platforms effectively, as well as how to grow your audience.
We cover the key social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. 
Blue Tick Content Creation and Curation
Having a presence in social media is necessary but futile if you don't create and distribute valuable content.  Content is king in social media marketing.
We'll show you how to create and curate engaging content that works for your business for each platform.  We'll cover the different types of content, creation of a content plan and editorial calendar, content guidelines, creation and maintenance of business listings...
You will gain an understanding of the social media language, and learn what and when to post, as well as how to source relevant content for curation. 
Blue Tick Best Practices
You will get a good understanding of social media best practice for business, the dos and don'ts, the common mistakes and pitfalls made by brands, as well as advanced tips and tricks to get the most out of your social media efforts. 
Blue Tick Reputation Management
We'll show you how to monitor your social media presence and deal with negative mentions and communication. 
Blue Tick Social Media Etiquette
You might be full of good intentions, have the most professional profiles, and share the most interesting content, but if you don't follow the rules of etiquette of social media, netiquette, you'll annoy your audience and won't get social media results.
You'll learn how to be conversant with netiquette in order to have an engaging audience. 
Blue Tick Measuring and Analytics
You'll understand the most common metrics for each platform, and learn to use the social media analytics tools:  Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights, LinkedIn Analytics, and Pinterest Analytics.
We'll show you also how to use Google Analytics to monitor the traffic to your website originating from your social media accounts. 
Blue Tick Brand Consistency
You'll learn how to maintain brand value and consistency throughout your social media platforms. 
Blue Tick Management Tools
We'll make an introduction to social media management tools that help you manage your social media accounts, with emphasis on scheduling tools. 
Blue Tick Advertising
An overview of social media advertising for the main platforms with tips on how to write for social media publicity. 
Blue Tick Social Media Strategy
We'll help you to define your social media goals and objectives (website traffic, sales, brand awareness...) and show you the key features for creating and executing a successful social media marketing strategy.
Blue Tick Report and Support
We provide 2 weeks post course support for any questions you might have, as well as a complimentary 3-month review to give you an insight into your progression on social media.
You will receive tailored post-course documentation with the matters covered in the training session. 
How much does it cost?
We provide half-day sessions (3 hours) at £200 plus VAT and full-day sessions (6 hours) at £375 plus VAT for up to 3 delegates from the same company, delivering the training at your premises.
We are happy to offer 10% off our social media marketing training services to fellow members of the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and ISSBA.
We'll be happy to discuss your requirements!  Get in touch