Social Media in Spanish

Do you, or are you planning to, sell your products or services in Spain?  Have you thought about localising your social media marketing?  
 Social Media in Spanish
Although English is the lingua franca of commerce, if you wish to sell your products or services in Spain, you need to adapt your social media marketing to the culture of your target customers.
You might use a free translation online service and your target market might get a grasp or even understand your message, but you won’t be able to transmit your unique selling proposition.
Our social media marketing in Spanish service is not about translation (that should be left to qualified translators).  We are marketeers, create social media content in Spanish adapted to the local market.
What are the benefits of having your social media presence in Spanish? 
Blue Tick Build Local Presence
If you wish your target customers in Spain to trust you, creating content in Spanish and within their cultural context is essential.  Consumers, in Spain and elsewhere, demand local relevance.
Blue Tick Increase Engagement
A Facebook page with content in English might not entice your target customers in Spain to engage with you.
Blue Tick Increase Web Traffic
With a higher engagement on your social media accounts in Spanish, your fans are more likely to click on your links and visit your website.
You don't need to translate your whole website into Spanish (although it would be a good idea if Spain is a main market for your company);  a couple of pages or even just the shop on your website will suffice to make easier for your Spanish customers to understand and buy your products or services.
Blue Tick Competitive Advantage
Are there any Spanish companies offering similar products or services to yours?  Has any of your competitors from the United Kingdom or other countries already adapted their social media marketing to the Spanish market?  If you do not have a social media presence in Spanish, who do you think your prospective clients in Spain would be inclined to buy from?
Blue Tick Increased Sales
All these benefits ultimately will translate into an increase conversion rate, i.e. more sales of your products or services. 
Our social media marketing in Spanish service covers any of the areas of our social media management service that you require.
We also offer ad hoc social media marketing services in Spanish for those companies who need our help for a one-off project like an advertising campaign or a social media promotion for instance.
How much does it cost?
All our social media marketing packages are tailored to suit individual business needs.  The price depends on the services required and the numbers of platforms covered.  A typical full social media marketing and management in Spanish package starts from £350 plus VAT per month for a three month contract or from £425 plus VAT per month with no fixed term contract.
We are happy to offer 10% off our social media marketing services to fellow members of the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and ISSBA.
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