Social Media Marketing Management

Arcape offers bespoke social media marketing management services to local businesses, organisations and charities, covering various social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest...), producing relevant content to help business owners increase their brand exposure and broaden their customer reach in Suffolk and nationally.
We can support your market entry or consolidation strategy by identifying and targeting your customers and using the correct media in order to reach them. We monitor engagement and interaction with your audience and report back to you.
We meet with you to understand your business and its culture, discuss the aims and objectives of the social media strategy – what you want from us -, and agree the right style, tone of voice, and type of content necessary to determine the best route to pursue.
Social Media Management Services
Once we have gathered all the fundamental information, we start working on your company’s social media marketing providing any of the following services that you require:
Blue Tick Social Media Audit
We analyse your and your competitors’ existing activity on social media to ascertain your position and the best way forward in order to design a successful social media marketing strategy.
Blue Tick Social Media Marketing Strategy
With the information gathered, ensuring we meet your marketing goals, we’ll choose the tactics and create a content plan that will provide the road map for your social media marketing strategy.
Blue Tick Setting up / Cleaning up
Creating unique customised new social media profiles, or cleaning up existing profiles.
Blue Tick Full Social Media Management
Complete daily management of the social media accounts commissioned to us, comprising content creation and curation, expertly crafted posts designed to target your ideal audience, creation of graphics, curation and distribution of content provided by you, targeted audience building, following/liking back, post monitoring, deleting spam…
Blue Tick Social Media Engagement
Engaging and communicating with fans (any sensitive matter will be brought to your attention straight away), responding to mentions, strategic retweets, relationship building, managing and replying to direct messages and posts, joining Twitter chats and Facebook groups relevant to your marketing goals, thank you messages to new fans, thank you messages for interactions…
Blue Tick Customer Service Response
Answering queries and providing basic information to questions on the social media pages we manage. If any queries require your professional expertise, we will contact you. We also will forward you any leads generated as a result of our activities.
Blue Tick Analytics
We will provide you with monthly reports detailing the results of our work.
Blue Tick Advertising and Ad Management
If you decide to advertise on a social media platform, we will create and manage the adverts ensuring you get the best results.
Blue Tick Reputation Monitoring
We monitor your company to know what has been said on social media about your business, as well as your competitors’.
Blue Tick Business Directories
Creation and maintenance of listings on the different social media platforms with relevant businesses and business people.
Blue Tick Content Sharing
Sharing your content on our social media accounts, where appropriate, giving your posts exposure to 1,000s of local businesses and business people.
Blue Tick Social Media Promotions
Organising competitions and special offers to attract your target audience.
Blue Tick Ad Hoc Services
We also offer ad hoc social media marketing services for those companies who need cover when their in-house social media marketer is on leave or they only are interested in a one-off project.
How much does it cost?
All our social media marketing packages are tailored to suit individual business needs.  The price depends on the services required and the number of platforms covered.  A typical full social media marketing and management package starts from £350 plus VAT per month for a three month contract or from £425 plus VAT per month with no fixed term contract.
We are happy to offer 10% off our social media marketing management services to fellow members of the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and ISSBA.
We'll be happy to discuss your requirements!  Get in touch