Is your company offering the right products or services, at the right place, and for the right target market?  Do your current and prospective customers understand your value proposition?
You may offer better products and services than your competitors, but your potential customers won't buy from you unless they know about them, unless they understand your message and perceive the added value of your offerings (why should they buy from you?).
Arcape can help your business develop a successful marketing strategy to give your customers what they want.
Marketing services provided by Arcape International
We meet with you to understand your business and its culture.  With your business goals in mind, we can provide any of the following services:
Blue Tick Research
We conduct research on markets, industry, competitors, customers, products and services.  Analysing this information will enable us to fully understand your market and provide you with advice to help you make the right decisions.
Blue Tick Marketing Strategy
Always guided by your business goals and the findings of a thorough market research, we develop a marketing strategy and define the marketing mix.  This marketing strategy, the foundation of your marketing plan, outlines the strategy to achieve your business and marketing goals.
Blue Tick Marketing Plan
We can provide a marketing plan describing the detailed marketing activities that will help your organisation reach more customers.
Blue Tick Inbound Marketing Strategy
Inbound marketing is the way forward if you wish your customers coming to you instead of you going to them.  Although organisations need to take a holistic approach to marketing, if traditional marketing is working well for your company but you wish to embrace inbound marketing, or improve your current inbound marketing activities, we would be happy to help you develop an inbound marketing strategy and plan.
Blue Tick Marketing Audit
We review your current marketing activity to assess its effectiveness and provide you with a set of recommendations so your products or services are targeted effectively for maximum returns.
Blue Tick Supplementary Marketing Services
Sometimes you need help performing a small task, or a number of them throughout time, that are required to successfully implement your marketing plan.  It wouldn't be cost-effective to hire someone, and most consultancies don't offer assistance with these matters, but you need the job to be done.  We provide those small, but important, services to support your marketing strategy and marketing plan.
How much does it cost?
All our marketing services are tailored to suit individual business needs and offered on a fixed fee quota basis.
We are happy to offer 10% off our marketing services to fellow members of the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and ISSBA.
We'll be happy to discuss your requirements!  Get in touch