Market Entry

Even if you have the right products and services, you need to engage your prospective customers, to reach the right people through the right channels.
When considering Spain Flag of Spain or United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom as your choice market for expanding your business internationally, it is essential to develop a marketing plan that takes into consideration the realities of the local market.
Arcape provides market entry services
We have the international experience and the local knowledge to provide you with marketing services to facilitate and promote your products and services in the United Kingdom and Spain.
We can support your market entry or consolidation strategy by offering the following services:
Blue Tick Research, analysis, information and advice on markets to help you make the right decisions.
Blue Tick Consistent marketing strategies and plans built on in-depth knowledge of the local consumer environment so your product or service is targeted effectively for maximum returns.
Blue Tick Identify the benefits that your company can offer and convey them to the Spanish or UK market.
Blue Tick Localisation Marketing.  We can provide guidance on adapting your marketing activity so your products and services meet the cultural and language requirements of Spain and the United Kingdom.
Blue Tick Directory Compilation.  We can compile and ad hoc list of contacts for your chosen market: prospective clients, competitors, media...
Blue Tick Event Management.  We can offer assistance with the planning and execution of exhibitions, trade shows, open days, events, festivals and conferences.  We also provide support organising international business trips to Spain and the United Kingdom, accompanying your staff if required.
Arcape representing a client at the Wines from Spain Trade Fair 2014
Blue Tick International Marketing Communications.  We can support your Spanish marketing communications to maximise effectiveness in building and maintaining relationships with your customers and growing your sales in your international trade.
Blue Tick Dealing with your customers' communications and new sales enquiries: letters, emails, phone calls, or in person if needed.
Blue Tick Distribution Channels.  Arcape can assist you finding leads for your new market: Importers, distributors, sales agents, potential partners and customers.
Blue Tick Business Development.  If you have already entered one of the markets we cover, we can also provide our marketing services to attract new customers and improve your business performance overseas.
Blue Tick British Expatriates in Spain.  If your products or services are suitable for the "expat" market and you don't target them, or do it inappropriately, you are missing and important source of revenues for your business.  We have vast experience in dealing with British expats in Spain and can provide research on your prospective new customers, demographics and media to reach them.
Blue Tick Sales Agency Services.  If you are planning to export to the United Kingdom, by having Arcape as your overseas sales agent you will get the advantage of our extensive knowledge of this target market and solid relationships with potential buyers.  You will maintain control over your brand and the final price of your products or services, while Arcape, acting on your behalf, will seek out potential customers establishing local presence in this market.  You supply and invoice directly to those customers we find for you.
How much does it cost?
All our market entry services are tailored to suit individual business needs and offered on a fixed fee quota basis.
We are happy to offer 10% off our market entry services to fellow members of the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and ISSBA.
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