Take More Than One Photo

Written by Ollie Archie
Wednesday 25th November 2020

Take more than one photo!

Looking for better photos results? Simply take more than one photo of the image that you are trying to capture.

We’ve put together some photos that we have taken that didn’t quite make the cut.  Whilst the images speak for themselves, we also included brief descriptions with extra tips.


Fast moving items like these Motocross bikes at Blythburgh in Suffolk can be difficult to capture.  It’s far too easy to lose a head or other body parts!

Top Tip – Use the continuous shooting function.

Photograph failure caused by fast moving subject matter

We all know that we should “Never work with children or animals” but just be patient and take more photos of your subject matter. 

Photography fail caused by sudden animal movement


Lavenham in Suffolk is a fantastic place to find fine examples of medieval buildings. Unfortunately, the motor car that arrived at an inopportune moment rather spoilt the image.

Photo fail when image spoilt by car

Whilst attending the Ipswich Speedway Press Day, our subject matter became distracted. Fortunately the brakes were on and we carried on snapping to get our desired result.

 Ipswich Speedway Team photo fail


Aerobatic planes move fast and unless you know the routine, they can move in unexpected directions. Even more difficult to capture when you are watching a team perform.  So don’t be surprised if your images include a number of cropped planes.

Top tip – Use a tripod unless you have powerful muscles to point your camera into the sky during an aerobat show.

Another top tip – Make sure that you take the time to watch the show.  It’s not the same watching it through a lens.

Photo fail cropped image


Over the years, we have taken many photos of flags (including the Union flag, the Spanish flag, the European flag and the Stars and Stripes) with varying results. A sudden change in the wind direction or speed can completely ruin the image.

Photograph fail caused by sudden wind change


To create the illusion of movement in an image, you can assist the reader by creating a space that the object of the photo is moving to.  With all the excitement of the fun of the fair, we did not achieve this with this image.  To show movement here, this image needs to be right aligned not left aligned.   No matter, we have other photos that we can use that included the missing beak.

Photograph fail image alignment


One of our highlights in Suffolk is the annual Ipswich to Felixstowe Historic Vehicle run that starts in Christchurch Park.

The event attracts large crowds that are marshalled.  Unfortunately, highly polished cars and hi viz jackets are not a good combination.  However, with the sheer number of vehicles at this event, with perseverance you should be able to get an image that you are proud of.

 Reflections on vehicle photograph fail

 Sometimes you just don’t notice until you get home that you were making a guest appearance in your own photos! Here there are reflections in each bottle of St Peters ale!

Top tip – take a range of photos of the same item from different angles.

Photo fail caused by reflections  


You never know if the moment that you click the shutter that this is the exact moment that the sunlight hits the moving metal and results in a blinding glare.

We hope that we have shown that it is much easier to click the shutter button more than once whilst out and about rather than risking the possibility of missing the opportunity. Simply delete the images that you don't require.