Tips to Write a Blog Post

Written by Caron Peirson
Saturday 9th May 2020
Why Should I Write A Blog Post?
Why Should I Write A Blog Post?
An active blog with interesting, easy-to-read, relevant posts will help your website be found in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo...You may see this referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
Appropriate posts will help retain and build trust with your current customers, and allow you to share your expertise with your new website visitors.
Potentially, your blog could lead to a raised profile of your brand, and this increased exposure could result in enhanced demand for your products or services.
Don't Know Where To Start Your Post?  Here Are A Few Pointers.
Tips To Write A Blog Post | Where To Start
Think about the type of content that your customers or potential customers would be interested in reading about.
A blog post is an ideal way to explain changes in your business that will impact  your customers experience when using your services or differences they might notice in your products.  So, how has the Coronavirus pandemic impacted the services you offer to your customers?  Is your staff working from home with reduced access to systems?  Have you changed your opening hours?  Has your product range been simplified?  Use your blog as one of the ways to communicate this.
You and your staff already know the questions that you regularly get asked by people you do business with.  What a great starting place!
Some business sectors may give advice on how a change of legislation affects their customers' companies.
Check your competitors' blogs for ideas and rewrite them in your own words, but never ever copy them.
Consider showing your company culture by shining the spotlight on your employees and how you help your local community.  Ensure that you have their permission to tell their stories.
Think about expanding your social media posts.
Your post should not be "salesy".  It should be informative, perhaps light-hearted, and you should be approachable.  The sales will follow.
Subject Is Now Sorted But...How Do I Write It?
Tips To Write A Blog Post | Start Writing
The first words are the hardest.  Don't stare at an empty screen.  Personally, I start with an idea and expand on this with a list of connected words and sentences.  The post is then developed around this.  Do write your posts in a format that your customers will understand.
Don't worry if it is not perfect first time as there is plenty of time to polish your crafted words.
Avoid using technical jargon, abbreviations or acronyms (unless you have fully explained what they stand for).
Your words need to appeal to your readers to gain or retain their trust.
Think about using images to reinforce your written word and to break up the text making it easier to read.
I'm Ready To Show The World My Masterpiece!
Tips To Write A Blog Post | Finished |  Publish
That's fantastic!  Remember, when you think your post is finished, you should put it down and return to it later.  Why is this good practice?  With fresh eyes you will notice duplicated words and phrases, typos, and grammatical errors.  Spellcheckers are useful but won't pick up everything.
Have you tried reading the post out aloud?  You will be surprised, how useful you may find this technique when reviewing your work.
Now, answer honestly.  Does your post make sense?  Is it fluid?  Is it insightful?  Is your post topical or contain evergreen content?  Does it look professional?
So, are you now ready to take the next step?
We strongly suggest that before you commit to making your post visible, ask a colleague or trusted friend to cast their eye over the work.  It is your brand that is at stake, and two pairs of eyes are always better than one.
Thank you for taking the time to read our post, we hope that you found it useful.  If you need any assistance with your blog, please get in touch.
Written by Caron Peirson

Caron is director at Arcape. Her expertise in social media marketing, and her excellent local business knowledge, translate into social media results for her clients. Caron is a keen photographer, and on her spare time enjoys art, travelling and the countryside.

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