Don't Spread Rumours

Written by Caron Peirson
Sunday 3rd May 2020

We believe that being kind and supportive is a given on social media but especially so in this coronavirus pandemic.



Especially important is that you don’t add to the rumour mill.  Keep your conspiracy theories to yourself.  Only use trusted sources such as WHO.

Sadly, some of those in a position of influence have been using this dreadful situation for their own political and/or personal gain and have been spreading mistruths. This is not a time for propaganda, it is a time for truth.  Don’t spread their untruths.

Too many families have already suffered worldwide and unfortunately many more will be affected before this crisis is over. Don’t make this worse and stay at home!

Be kind and keep safe.


Written by Caron Peirson

Caron is director at Arcape. Her expertise in social media marketing, and her excellent local business knowledge, translate into social media results for her clients. Caron is a keen photographer, and on her spare time enjoys art, travelling and the countryside.

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