Building An Online Reputation With Social Media: 5 Things You Should Know

Written by Elizabeth Walker
Monday 7th October 2019
An online reputation takes a lot of building for business owners, whether effort or financial-wise.  As a local business owner, you are required to make a lot of decisions to steer a company in the right direction to attain the image you want for your brand online.  There's a high chance that your company will go through easy and tough situations, as well as making both good and bad decisions.  These things are automatic when managing a business and venturing into building an online reputation.  Fortunately, sound strategies on online marketing and online reputation management are now available at your disposal.  Like this read you just stumbled on.  Carry on!
Building An Online Reputation With Social Media by Elizabeth Walker
These days you can see the importance of online marketing for local businesses.  Entrepreneurs see it as an excellent way to break the walls that confine your business and expand your reach to your target market.  We all know the online world is always evolving.  That's why your strategies should also develop continuously and craft it according to your long-term goals.  Throughout the 21st century, the internet has ushered in revolutionary ways to further your business endeavours.  Now, this complicated but enjoyable thing called social media has created a storm of its own.
Building a reputation online is one thing, but doing it with social media is another.
Social Media has a word of its own.  So, it's rightful to make an online reputation management strategy that is social media-based.  But first, there are five things that you should know about before making one.
Know What Kind Of Reputation You Want
Before you go scattering your brand on social media, you must initially know and decide on what kind of reputation your small business should possess.  To be a smart business owner and marketer, ask yourself and assess with your team what you want your brand to be known to your target audience.
Solidifying your brand personality is essential in giving the right first impression to let your audience know what to expect from your business.  If you want to be perceived as a serious brand, an authority in the industry, a market leader, or an easy-going brand with excellent customer service, knowing the kind of brand reputation should beging things for you.
A great example to base on is UNINTERRUPTED, a multimedia venture founded by basketball superstar LeBron James and long-time business partner Maverick Carter.  This multi-million dollar brand built is reputation around the idea of empowering and giving athletes a platform such as social media to express themselves without intermediaries in the form of unique, human stories from their point of view.  UNINTERRUPTED's reputation is an earnest but modern brand that encourages people to take athletes seriously.
Assess Your Present Social Media Reputation
The second thing to know about building frenzy in social media is to evaluate your present social media reputation.  Before updating your existing social media marketing strategy, you need to observe, know, and assess what people or your target audience perceive you to be.  It's important to know what they think of your brand because it gives you a perspective on where your business is going or what it is shaping up to be in the eyes of the people in social media.  You can also know the things that are working out great for your brand online and the adjustments you need to make moving forward.  As a business owner, assessing your present reputation in social media helps a lot in knowing the target reputation for your brand.
One tool that will fulfill your reputation assessment is Google Alerts.  Using this, you can track what people are saying about your business or even your competitors on social media.  Google Alerts is just one of the many tools on the internet that makes it easier for you to keep track of online activity.
Chart A Social Media Policy
When building an online reputation, it's equally important to come up with some ground rules on how your employees navigate your social media reputation coinciding with your goals for the company.  A smart business owner needs to maintain an efficient and well-defined social media policy that your team can follow.  Doing so will help your company and employees know what they should and should not do on social media, setting expectations for appropriate behavior and ensuring that their posts will not expose any sensitivve data to the public that may lead to legal problems or public embarrassment.  It's the last thing you want for your local business.  Most importantly, a solid social media policy will protect your brand reputation.
Encourage More Social Reviews
Social media continues its rapid ascent to the upper echelon as one of the top sources of online reviews.  And you know what online reviews do to your local business.  A good business owner listens to what customers have to say about their brand to truly engage with them.  It's through online reviews that customers get to speak out about what they think of your brand.  Encouraging reviews will increase your reputation in social media that will contribute to establishing trust between you and your loyal subscribers.  While doing this, you need to monitor the activity of the reviews and engage with the reviewers on your social media accounts.  Don't forget to encourage them to rank your brand, too.
Scale Online Reputation Management
Continue to monitor your social media reputation management efforts to figure out what is working for your brand and what's not.  Implementing social media monitoring tools helps you track new positive reviews and make comparisons over a specific period.
Scaling your reputation management tools give you the good stuff.  You only have to maintain a positive social media image as this will lead to a better ROI or return on investment.  What business owner wouldn't want profits from their investments?  None, ninguno.  You should also keep track of your competitors' reputation, so you would know which company people prefer most, or things they say when comparing your brand to others.
This post was written for Arcape's blog by Elizabeth Walker.
Written by Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth is an Outreach Marketing Specialist at Meegle. Her work mostly focuses on building relationships and connections. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Management, and is currently working for a Master's Degree.

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