We Have a New Website!

Written by Ollie Archie
Tuesday 17th January 2017
We are delighted to announce the launch of our refreshed and new website www.arcape.com
Our original website has been in existence since we set up the business in 2011.  We have made regular updates but technology has moved on in the last five years; it was time for a change.  After many years of great service, our old website now has retired.
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What do we hope to achieve with the new website?
Our main goal is to improve our visitors' experience and develop better relationships with our clients, prospective clients, and associates.

We also want to enable visitors to get a real feel of the range of marketing services we offer.
We intend to keep you informed and ahead of your competitors with our blogs posts.
We aim to have a living website by adding fresh quality content on a regular basis.
We want to interact with our visitors by having shareable and social content.
As on the old website, we have a Company Information section.  When you are in the international trade arena and deal with customers from different countries, it is important to be as transparent as possible and to make easy for your prospective clients and partners to see that you are a legitimate business.
What's new?
The new website is fully responsive, so we have been able to keep our preferred horizontal layout without compromising our visitors' experience.
The website is encrypted, i.e. it has an SSL certificate.  The reason for this is twofold: first, for security, and second, we'd like to follow Google's wishes and not be penalised.
arcape.com is fully optimised for mobile devices, so our visitors can access our content whether they are on the move or at their desks.  Also, we would like our website to show on Google search results.
Arcape's website capture on a mobile device

The background was light blue, our corporate colour, and now it's white.  On this, like on many of the other new additions to our website, we have followed our web designer's advice.  As you probably have noticed, we continue using blue whenever we can.
The homepage shows a series of sliding photographs, each of them taking you to different sections of our website.  We understand that people don't even have time to read a couple of paragraphs to learn about you; they want to be able to know what you do at a glance.
On the old website we had some stock photos we had purchased from different providers.  The new website has our own imagery.  We intend to update regularly our website using high quality original images.
We have added social media share buttons to most of our pages to improve our visitors' experience.  Should they find an interesting page or blog post on our website, sharing is a click away!
We are introducing our fresher and more dynamic blog that will be updated regularly with our thoughts on social media marketing, international trade, and other business related matters.
We have added a comment feature to our blog posts.  We welcome readers to enrich our posts with their commentaries.
Perhaps the highlight of our blog is the introduction of contributors.  Please get in touch if you have knowledge and experiences that you consider worth to be shared with our readers.
I, Ollie Archie, Arcape's social media marketing guru, have been promoted.  In addition to having my own section, in which I offer social media marketing tips in bite-size chunks (fantastic for those with hectic lifestyles), I will be writing some posts on our blog.
Visitors now can subscribe to our newsletter from the website. The subscription button can be found on the blog page and on each individual blog post. Those who get in touch with us using our contact form, also have the option to subscribe to our newsletter (opt-in, of course!).
The website is easier to navigate and therefore visitors can find the services we offer and the other sections of the website without difficulty.  Just in case, and to make it even easier, we have added a sitemap.
We continue having two websites: one in English, one in Spanish.  We have made use of market segmentation to give our different customers the different services they want.  Therefore, the message and services offered on both websites are not the same.
We have introduced a Businesses We Like section.  We believe that outstanding businesses and organisations should be recognised, and wish to use our modest platform to do so.
Another new section on the website is Our Social Media Accounts.  We are as social as it gets!
We appreciate how busy you are but if you have a minute, please take a browse and see what you think.  We value your opinion and encourage you to contact us with feedback, questions and thoughts, including suggestions for new topics and sections.
Finally, none of this would be possible without our patient web designer who has been working on our website over the past couple of months.
Thank you Jonathon! 
Written by Ollie Archie

Ollie Archie is Arcape's social media marketing guru. He seems to think he is in charge around here.

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