Tips on Twitter Lists

Written by Caron Peirson
Monday 10th October 2016
We must start with a confession. We love Heart Eyes Emoji Twitter lists! They are one of our favourite tools.
What do you use Twitter lists for 
Twitter lists keep our Twitter accounts organised and manageable. They cut out the chaos that can be happening on our main Twitter feed. Also we can follow news and views in different industry sectors.
Benefits of Twitter Lists
Blue Bullet PointSave time and effort.
Blue Bullet PointHelp you research information for both your own business and your clients.
Blue Bullet PointBy filing Twitter accounts, you can easily find them.
Blue Bullet PointIdentify industry influencers to engage with.
Blue Bullet PointHighlight accounts that engage with you.
Public or Private?
The choice is yours. Your decision may depend on the sector in which you are working. If you are a business to business company that is targeting a wide variety of different sectors, you may like to keep your industry sector lists private. Perhaps you are using lists to monitor your competitors; that will certainly be a list that you will want to keep private.
What happens when you add an account to a private list, does that account get notified? No one gets notified, and only you can see who the members of that private list are.
It takes time and effort to curate good lists. Our research would be extremely useful to our competitors, hence the majority of our lists remain private. Recently we were asked by a business rival to reveal our lists. Needless to say we declined.
Toyota Lift Minnesota has excellent Twitter lists!  
You may like to highlight other accounts that engage with you and your team in public lists. You can attract interest in your account by adding industry related lists and referring to them in your twitter feed.
An excellent example of public lists are those prepared by Kyle Thill who runs the Toyota Equipment Twitter account @ToyotaEquipment. These lists are reviewed and maintained. Take their lead and be prepared to remove accounts from public lists. Don’t encourage others to follow a dormant account.
When you add an account to a public list, the account gets notified. Any other Twitter user can see this list, subscribe to it, see the Twitter feed of that list, and view the members of this list.
Remember that you can always easily make a public list private and vice versa.
Here are some suggestions for Twitter lists. Don't forget to add your own account to the lists!
Blue Bullet PointRegional
Blue Bullet PointInfluencers
Blue Bullet PointThose involved in Twitter chats like #SuffolkHour or #DigiBlogChat
Blue Bullet PointYour team
Blue Bullet PointClients
Blue Bullet PointPotential clients
Blue Bullet PointCompetitors
Blue Bullet PointHelpful resources for your clients
Blue Bullet PointAccounts you recommend
Blue Bullet PointFriends and family
Blue Bullet PointEvents and conference attendees
Blue Bullet PointNews
Blue Bullet PointWe always include a "Followers that do/may unfollow" list
Our top tip on Twitter lists
If you use Twitter on your browser, your lists will be displayed in the chronological order in which they were created. If, like us, you like to see your lists in alphabetical order, you'll have to use a Twitter app, or give some thought to the order in which you would like to see the lists display before setting them up.
Word of caution! If you are locked out of your Twitter account, you’ll lose all the information.
We hope you have found this post useful.
Written by Caron Peirson

Caron is director at Arcape. Her expertise in social media marketing, and her excellent local business knowledge, translate into social media results for her clients. Caron is a keen photographer, and on her spare time enjoys art, travelling and the countryside.

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