Schedule Posts, Don't Automate Them

Written by Ángel Rubia
Tuesday 6th September 2016
We all realise that we cannot be on social media 24/7 but you need your voice to be heard at a time when your followers are likely to be on Twitter.
Schedule your tweets, don't automate them!
Scheduling tweets is the solution but sending automated tweets isn’t.  Why?
A well thought out scheduled tweet is created and programmed to be sent at a time when your followers are online producing an interest for them so that they engage with you.  They are not detrimental to the end user: your clients, potential clients and others who are happy to share your tweets and promote your brand, service or product.
However, automated tweets are processed without thought.  They look robotic and mechanical and do nothing to enhance your account; they are not your voice.  What a great way to ask your followers to either block or mute you!  First impressions count, and an automated tweet to thank them for following will not give them the impression that you are really thankful.  The opportunity to make a connection could be lost.
Our top tips for scheduling tweets
Blue Bullet PointSpread your tweets and allow time for your tweet to reach its maximum audience.
Blue Bullet PointStudy your analytics.  This data will arm you with the knowledge of when your audience is on line and schedule your tweets to coincide with this.  Here in Suffolk, we’ve noticed that our followers are online and engaging over breakfast, during the lunch break and in the evening on week days and are more active in the evening over the weekend.
Blue Bullet PointPlan your scheduled tweets alongside your marketing plan.  This will ensure that you don’t miss an opportunity.
Blue Bullet PointDon’t try to increase your exposure by scheduling a tweet during a Twitter Chat.  In these chats you are meant to engage with others using the same hashtags.  It does not mean that you say one thing and run.  Social media is social!
Blue Bullet PointBe prepared to cancel or postpone a scheduled tweet.  We know that a good tweet takes time to create but Twitter users are very responsive to breaking news.   A planned tweet may be inappropriate to the tone and mood of your audience and this in turn, might upset your followers.
Blue Bullet PointWe all know that the weather here in the UK is unpredictable and that we do like to talk about it.  So avoid references to the weather in arranged tweets;  if you have told your followers that the sun is shining at a venue when it is raining, hailing or even snowing, they will find this strange at best.  It might be the time they press the mute or block button on you.
Blue Bullet PointWe never recommend that you tweet anything that can be misconstrued.  However, if you feel that your tweet could be and there are reasons why you are unable to make changes, ensure you are on hand to monitor your account to deal with any situations that could occur and minimise any negative impact on your brand.
Blue Bullet PointAnything that is fast moving news item should be avoided otherwise you could have egg on your face.
We hope you found this post useful.
Written by Ángel Rubia

Ángel is director at Arcape. He has an eclectic set of skills, and has worked in the marketing arena for over 15 years. When he is not working, Ángel enjoys travelling, and watching Magnum P.I. and Frasier episodes - you can't beat Higgins and Niles!

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