How to verify a Business Facebook Page

Written by Ángel Rubia
Wednesday 27th July 2016
Although the gray verification badge Facebook Grey Verification Badge (hereinafter "grey tick" Smile Emoji) for local businesses was rolled out by Facebook in October 2015, many small businesses are not taking advantage of this feature.
How to verify your Business Facebook Page and how to do it
Unlike the blue verified badge Facebook Blue Verification Badge, for which only select people (whatever that means Thinking Face Emoji), sports, media, entertainment and government are eligible, if your Facebook Page's category is "Local Business or Companies & Organizations", you can get a grey tick.
Why should you get a grey tick
The grey tick is more than an ornament; it has clear benefits for businesses.
An increasing number of people use Facebook as a search engine to find information about businesses.  The grey tick helps people find authentic accounts, making easier for them to make sure that they are communicating with the right company. 
Arcape International's Verified Facebook Page
Also, verified pages rank higher in the search results, attracting more visitors to their pages, which ultimately will translate into an increased conversion rate. 
How to get the grey tick for your Business Facebook Page
The Facebook Help Centre gives clear instructions on how to verify a business Page.  If, like us, you have a visual learning style, you'll find the steps below to be useful.
Before starting, make sure that your business Facebook Page's category is "Local Business or Companies and Organizations".  You can check and change this category accordingly following this link.
Step 1Click Settings up the top of your page.
Step 2Click General on the left column.
Step 3Click Verify this Page on the right column.
Steps 1, 2 and 3: How to verify a Business Facebook Page
Step 4Enter a publicly listed phone number for your business, your country and language.
TOP TIP If you have one of those loquacious automated telephone systems that tells callers the history of the Roman Empire before a real person speaks to them, disconnect it while requesting the grey tick.  If you don't have a PhD in Telephony, verify your Page with documents instead.
Step 5Click Call Me Now.  Facebook will call you with a verification code.
Steps 4 and 5: How to verify a Business Facebook Page
Step 6Enter the Verification Code.
Step 7Click Continue.
 Steps 6 and 7: How to verify a Business Facebook Page
Voilà! Now you have a verified Business Facebook Page!
Should you prefer to verify your Page with documents, follow the 3 first steps mentioned above and then...
Step 4Click Verify this Page with documents instead.
Step 4: Verify a Business Facebook Page with Documents
Step 5Click Upload File and select the document you wish to wish to use.
Step 6Click Send Document.
Steps 5 and 6: How to verify a Business Facebook Page with Documents
We hope you found this blog post useful.
Written by Ángel Rubia

Ángel is director at Arcape. He has an eclectic set of skills, and has worked in the marketing arena for over 15 years. When he is not working, Ángel enjoys travelling, and watching Magnum P.I. and Frasier episodes - you can't beat Higgins and Niles!

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