MSC Oscar at the Port of Felixstowe

Written by Ángel Rubia
Tuesday 10th March 2015
The Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk is the United Kingdom's biggest and busiest port, and one of the largest in Europe.  The port welcomes 3,000 ships each year.  Around 30 shipping lines operate from Felixstowe, offering approximately 90 services to and from 400 ports around the world. (Source:
Container at Felixstowe Dock Entrance
The MSC Oscar was constructed by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering shipyard (DSME) in South Korea and christened on the 8th of January of 2015.  This USD140 million vessel is 395.4 metres long and 59 metres wide, and has a capacity of 19,224 standard containers (like the one on the photo above).  In layman's terms: the deck area is equivalent to four football pitches, MSC Oscar could carry 1.15 million washing machines, and to transport the capacity of this vessel you would need 1,100 Boeing 747 planes.
MSC Oscar incorporates state of the art technologies such as the electronically controlled modern classic diesel engines, anti-fouling paint (imagine having to clean that giant!), and auto pilot systems.  (Source: Mediterranean Shipping Company MSC)
MSC Oscar arriving at the Port of Felixstowe
We were lucky to see MSC Oscar arriving at the Port of Felixstowe on its maiden voyage from China to Europe on the 9th of March 2015.  The Svitzer tugs push and pull the world's largest containership into position at the berth.
Written by Ángel Rubia

Ángel is director at Arcape. He has an eclectic set of skills, and has worked in the marketing arena for over 15 years. When he is not working, Ángel enjoys travelling, and watching Magnum P.I. and Frasier episodes - you can't beat Higgins and Niles!

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